Ask Nita Anything: Twitter Edition

Ask Nita Anything is BACK!!! For our first installment, since we haven’t had the form up on the site, I used questions you guys asked on Twitter.

John: How old when you started playing guitar?

13. I started out on drums, then bass. Finally picked up guitar, and never stopped. I still love playing drums! ?

Matt D: Seriously though. how many guitars do you have these days? is there anything you’re missing that you’d love to pick up?

I haven’t been home long enough to do a real count in a while, so I’ll just say- not enough ? Still on the hunt for a LNG Jem777!!

Denim Dude: Is there a more perfect 90s metal album than Slaughter of the Soul by At the Gates??? I’m not so sure there is!

Maybe not. COB- Hatebreeder and In Flames- Colony come to mind, but can’t say “more perfect”. Slaughter of the Soul is a MASTERPIECE.

Mateo: what is the best practice amp you’d suggest anyone on a budget?

I’m obsessed with the Marshall Code25- it’s what I use for all my clinics and practice. When the head comes out, I’ll use it on stage.

Al: Why the black electrical tape on the neck PUP?

It’s a trick I learned from Vai- it stops the top string from getting caught on the pickup during dive bombs.

Sorry for the short answers this week- Twitter character limit and all!! Use the Ask Nita form on this site to submit your questions, and I’ll answer the most interesting 5 every week! See you guys next week!





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