Kickstarter Campaign closes at over 800% FUNDED!

Nita’s Kickstarter campaign has officially ended, closing at $166,000 after asking for only $20,000. This unprecedented success has garnered attention industry wide!

Nita says: “You guys blew my hopes and expectations for this Kickstarter out of the water more than I would have ever dreamed… and for that I am forever grateful.
I always hear people say “Fans don’t buy records any more….” well, you guys proved that wrong this month. To everyone who put in their hard earned money, shared a post, told a friend, or just followed along and left a supportive comment….. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! I appreciate every one of you and never take it for granted for a second!!! This was all made possible by you guys, and I’m going to make a damn good record for you to turn up loud!!!!”

Expect new music from Nita by the end of 2018!




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