Nita tops Guitar Player Magazine’s “50 Badass Female Guitarists”

Guitar Player Magazine released a list of “50 Badass Female Guitarists” in their latest issue. Check out the lead photo of the article!

Guitar Player editor Michael Molenda says:

Throughout his long and legendary career, Alice Cooper has surrounded himself with some pretty amazing guitarists, and his current foil is Strauss, whose metal edge (she was formerly a member of the Iron Maidens) energizes both Cooper’s early hits and his later-era rockers—even though producer Bob Ezrin cautioned during her audition that “this band needs a rock guitarist.” Warning aside, Strauss’ shred gymnastics are actually dynamic, melodic, and, at times, scary fast. —MM
Notable Gear: Ibanez Custom Nita Strauss Signature, Ibanez S Series, Marshall JVM 410H.

Link to the full article, with guitarists in alphabetical order, is below.




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